Experience Stories

We can only validate if certain ideas, therapies, treatments work by looking at experiences. Typically families want to share their story, it helps them if the story is read and especially if 'thumbs up' or more verbal reactions support them. It is a important aspect of experience stories, they allow for a community feeling that is great.

Types of experience stories

Not each story is told in the same way; mostly new families start by telling who they are, what milestones are achieved. Other stories are more focussed on a particular experience like "going on vacation", "getting a buggy or wheelchair", "dealing with a specific medical topic".
They could maybe be classified as;

  • introduction story
    The story helps in introducing the family in the community and allowing others to welcome the family
  • closer look story
    The story will be about a topic and it helps others to learn from it and helping experts to see if we might see "new insights" or "requests for research"

Closer Look story

These stories will be, in waihonapedia, a instrument in theme-rooms where guiding topics can be discussed and developed. Together with teaching-like explanation and introductions to official guidelines the "closer Look stories" will validate (or not) the guidelines. If not validating the guideline we might see potential desired improvements to the guideline!

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