What is a Wiki

Data that together form a whole and a source of information are often referred to as encyclopaedias. You can find everything you need to know about them. Since the introduction of the internet, a new encyclopedia has developed with the world-famous name WikipediA?. Wiki is a word from the Hawai-an language and sort-of-means doing something quickly together! In analogy Waihona is from the Hawai-an language as well and sort-of-means "a treasure" you hold dearly (like a baby). WaihonaPedia means a treasure of experience that is being built up. In the past, experience was used to tell stories in the newsletters, the back-and-forth notebook that was shared with the school or daycare centre, through conversations with doctors, or scientific articles. Now there is the internet and the wiki system.

How do you use a wiki? A short explanation of wikis and how they can be used to coordinate a group.
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A wiki is a website that you can edit online easily

Whenever you want to modify a page, click on the "edit" button, make your changes and save the page. The modified page now replaces the previous version. This makes it easy to update the website and have people contribute content. Each version of the page is stored in the page history and can be reverted to if needed.

The core advantages of a wiki compared with traditional Content Management Systems and ECM lie in its flexibility and the ease with which new pages can be added and linked to.

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